Established in 1946

Whitaker and Leach have grown as a company by providing a high-quality service and listening to client needs and wants. We combine the benefits of working closely with a design team and have the expertise, knowledge and experience that ensure we avoid any disagreements during projects. Our efficient, highly collaborative team combine the right mix of attitude and ability required for each job and provide an effective vehicle for delivering projects that require a guaranteed cost and a single point of responsibility.

Our family values of honesty and integrity in business, sets us apart from the crowd. These values permeate through our employees, many of whom have worked alongside the family for all the years we have being trading. Our commitment to our long-standing client relationships, our employees and the highest quality end product have meant that Whitaker and Leach have become regarded as a very well-respected organisation by the industry and general public alike.

Ultimately you will decide whether or not to approach us in relation to a project. Whilst this website gives you a brief insight into what we do and our approach to business, we rely on personal contact to make and cement working relationships. We are always ready to discuss a project, no matter how early in its development and we may be able to use our experience to steer the project in a beneficial direction. If you would like to get in touch, we always believe that meeting with our clients to discuss their needs and wants is the best approach to building trust.

Our experts will be happy to discuss your project and offer their advice, so please feel free to give us a call on 01274 391460, to learn more about the many ways that Whitaker & Leach can help you.

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